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Carbon Offset Projects

ZeroTrek provides accredited projects verified by the highest standards. Our current project, The Great Bear Forest Carbon project, is the largest forest sequestration initiative in Canada with one of the primary goals to protect the Great Bear Rainforest and Haida Gwaii. It represents thirteen First Nations in their stewardship activities and their efforts to move forward into a better future. The project’s primary goal is to provide the nations with funding to continue their stewardship activities, Guardian Watchman programs, language re-establishment and various small projects within their communities.

Project Verification

The Great Bear is validated under BC’s Forest Carbon Offset Protocol (FCOP) which is currently under revision and released a draft protocol to the public March 2022. FCOP was based on the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS). The carbon offsets are listed on the BC Carbon Registry which ensures our offsets can be tracked from verification to retirement transparently and publicly. https://carbonregistry.gov.bc.ca/br-reg/public/bc/index.jsp

Measure Your Emissions

You can’t solve any problem without identifying its root cause and scope. Now, just consider you’re trying to solve climate change!!!
As a business, the first step toward carbon neutrality is measuring your carbon footprint. Each and every aspect of your business contributes to your carbon footprint, therefore, understanding your impact is critical in developing a specific reduction and offsetting plan tailored to your company.

Calculator Methodology

ZeroTrek’s carbon footprint calculator is designed based on GHG Protocol, the world's most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standards for companies.

ZeroTrek’s carbon footprint calculator categorizes your emissions into three main scopes.

Scope 1: Direct GHG emissions - emissions from fuel consumption
Scope 2: Electricity indirect GHG emissions - purchased electricity
Scope 3: Other indirect GHG emissions - employee commute, business travel, waste management and recycling, transportation and distribution (upstream, downstream)

Your Dashboard

ZeroTrek’s business dashboard is a dynamic tool to help businesses understand their emissions sources, reduce them as much as possible, set carbon neutrality goals and guide you in your carbon neutrality endeavour.

Reduction Tips

We provide insightful action plan to reduce your emissions throughout your company.

Emission Reports

The detailed emission report provides comprehensive insights into the sources of your emissions. The report compares your business activities based on the locations and scope breakdowns.

Carbon Neutral Certified Logo

ZeroTrek will provide a carbon neutral certified logo to businesses that offset 100% of their emissions. Make this logo part of your marketing strategy to make sure your customers know you are carbon neutral.

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