Carbon Offsetting Is Critical to become carbon neutral

To avoid the drastic impacts of climate change, it is critical to limit Global Warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels by 2050. We need to reduce emissions by half by 2030. There is no path to carbon neutrality without investing in Natural Climate Solutions (NCS). NCS can make a difference with deforestation, peatland impacts, reforestation, and soil sequestration.

Offset What You Can't Reduce

Organizations can find ways to reduce their emissions but it is impossible to remove all of the carbon emission sources. Therefore, offsetting your emissions is the only way to get to a carbon-neutral position. By offsetting your emissions, you will fund reliable and effective carbon offsetting projects that will make an impact in the fight against climate change.

Benefits All Around

Carbon offsets direct private financing to climate-action projects that would not otherwise get off the ground. These projects can have additional benefits such as biodiversity protection, pollution prevention, public-health improvements, and job creation. These projects play a vital role in reversing climate change and restoring nature.

Play Your Role

Private-sector commitment to climate action is gaining momentum, with companies increasingly adopting strategies aimed at reaching net-zero emissions by investing in nature through the purchase of carbon offsets. Businesses across the world are becoming more aware of their climate responsibilities. Taking necessary climate actions does not limit only to large corporations but rather needs to be considered by small businesses too. They are collectively the largest part of the economy, and significant decarbonization will not happen if small businesses do not participate.

Keep Up with the Momentum

By investing in carbon offsets, you can join sustainably-minded companies in taking action on climate change. ZeroTrek can help you achieve your sustainability goals, enhance your reputation with consumers, and meet the expectations of a new generation of climate-conscious employees.


After a payment has been made, it will take a couple of days to retire carbon credits on behalf of you on the BC Carbon Registry and send you the tracking number. 

If you want to go carbon neutral each year, you need to buy equivalent amount to your annual greenhouse gas emissions each year. 

The Great Bear Carbon offsets meet the requirments of the British Columbia Forest Carbon Offset Protocol. The Great Bear Forest Carbon Project was validated and Great Bear carbon offset verified by internationally recognized certification bodies. 

Each carbon offset has a serial number and when you purchase your offset, it is ‘retired’ (marked as sold) on the BC Carbon Registry. This ensures it is not resold to anyone else. 

Revenues from the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project are distributed to participating coastal First Nations and contribute directly to the development of a conservation economy.  

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